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BM5 Orbital Gerolor Motors


BM5 Motor Features and Benefits

  Gerolor (Roller-Star technology) design for:-
  • Lower friction 
  • Higher mechanical efficiency 
  • Higher start-up torque 
  • Smooth low speed operation 
  • Less wear on rollers & longer life

  • Disc valve technology for:-
  • Better flow distribution & timing at all speeds
  • Low leakage & higher volumetric efficiency
  • Better wear compensation for longer life
  •  High pressure shaft seal for:-
  • Better back-pressure applications
  • No drain line required in some applications

  • Dual efficient tapered roller bearings for:-
  • Excellent low speed & high speed operation
  • High side-load capabilities
  • Longer motor life
  •  BM5 Oribital Motor

    BM5 Motor Performance

    Note on Performance Data above
    * Intermittent operation: the permissible values may occur for max. (10%) 6 seconds of every minute.
    * Simultaneous intermittent speed and pressure is not recommended.
    * Optimum operating situation should be at the 1/3 2/3 of the continuous operating situation.
    * Recommended filtration is per ISO cleanliness code 20/16. A nominal filtration of 25 micron or better

    BM5 Motor Configuration Options


    BM5 Motor Configuration Codes


    Download BM5 Datasheet

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