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EPIC-X Proportional Controller

The EPIC-X is an configurable Electronic Proportional Integrated Controller developed by Hyteco and designed for use in hydraulic proportional control applications. The wide range of input options and precise output control make it suitable for fine machine control in various harsh environments.

The configuration options make the EPIC-X one of the most flexible, stand-alone controller in its class. The hand-held configuration tool allows for fast, simple adjustment of machine behaviour during commissioning.

Main Features:

The EPIC-X can act as 4 independent amplifiers to suit a number of standard input devices that are used to control hydraulic valves or other machine equipment. It can also provide delayed switching or a smooth increase of output current from switched inputs.

The EPIC-X is available in two versions:
 *EPIC-XP - Protected controller with environmental ingress protection of IP67
 *EPIC-XB - Bare controller with no environmental protection (IP20) – cost effective option

Four independent amplifier groups shall have their inputs and outputs configured in order to define the relationship for the way each input controls its respective output.
Each amplifier group has two channels A and B, which will facilitate bi-directional controls or various single direction proportional controls.

Depending on the type of EPIC (XP or XB) the connections for each input group are arranged differently. Deutsch 6-pin DT connectors inhabit the EPIC-XP while a series of ‘quick-connect’ spade terminals are available on the EPIC-XB to interface with sensors and switches. Multiple power and ground connection points are also available for sensor supply and solenoid return current.

Inputs can be:
 * Analog unipolar – for singular proportional solenoid control
 * Analog bipolar – for bidirectional proportional dual solenoid control
 * Digital (binary) – for switched control of proportional solenoids or on/off valves

Output types available are:
 * PWM i – Current controlled output
 * PWM % – Variable duty cycle output (0-100%)
 * Digital (binary) – Switched output

EPIC Tuner  - set and forget:
The EPIC Tuner (Part No. EPIC-X-T) is the configuration tool used to set input and output types, adjust their parameters and configure time delays or ramps. It is also used as a monitoring tool to observe the voltage/current values and diagnostic information for each active input/output group.

Advantages of the EPIC-X include:
 * Reduced cost
 * Flexibility in response to design changes
 * Fast setup and configuration
 * Settings security

The absolute consistency of the EPIC-X will give your solution a competitive edge, whether controlling the slew speed of a crane, keeping a vehicle lifting platform level, maintaining the speed and pressure of a tugboat winch, or regulating and adjusting the output flow of a water truck.




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