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Benefits of Manifolds

From small mobile machines to heavy industrial plants, manifolds form the hub of any fluid power systems. As the demand for improved efficiency and reduced energy costs have increased, the overall benefits of manifolds in fluid power systems have become increasingly crucial to fluid power engineers, OEMs and ultimately, end users.

These benefits include:-

  • Improved overall layout with less cumbersome hoses and fluid connections,
  • Small and compact sizes with cartridge valve design to suit confined spaces,
  • Increased energy efficiency with shorter flow paths that minimise pressure drop and heat,
  • Reduced installation costs and fluid connections due to simpler compact design,
  • Reduced oil leaks and upkeep with less connections that can fatigue, wear and loosen.

The extent of these benefits however, relies heavily on the circuit integrity, design expertise and manufacturing quality that has been built into each manifold. The quality and performance of any fluid power system is only as good as the level of expertise that has produced it.  So too with manifolds.

About Custom Manifolds
About Electroless Nickel Plating
About Manifold Design

Custom Manifolds
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Manifold Design Criteria
Benefits of Manifolds
Ductile Iron for Manifolds
Electroless Nickel Plating

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