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Weightmate Vehicle Weighing System

The Weightmate from Hyteco is an On-board Vehicle Weighing System to monitor and manage the Payload Weight and the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) on trucks, trailers and other load-carrying vehicles based on air pressure readings from the vehicle's Airbag Suspension system .

Any vehicle with Airbag Suspension in the mining, agricultural, logging, distribution and waste management industries can utilise and benefit from the Weightmate system. The Weightmate provides vehicle operators essential and timely information to effectively manage their vehicle's overall load and loading distribution.

Being able to optimise vehicle (truck and trailer) load capacities results in accurate and safe load monitoring, and improves productivity, maximises capacity and ultimately, profitability. 

In addition, the expense of over-weight fines, weigh bridge fees and excessive admin compliance is eliminated, if not minimised.

Utilising a Weightmate On-board Vehicle Weighing System make sound practical and economic sense for both owners and drivers.

Digital System

The Weightmate On-board Vehicle Weighing System is a programable digital system, which is virtually free from external electronic interference. Air pressure taken from the Airbags within each Axle Group is fed into a local Pressure Sensor Module, and the digital output is transfered electronically to the Digital Display in the Cab.
With the Weightmate, there is no need to run any cumbersome airlines inside the Cab.

In-Cab Digit Display

From the convenience and comfort of the cab and mounted within close reach of the driver, the easy-to-read Display screen shows all the necessary load information, in real-time.

Various Screen Modes can be selected on the Display depending on the driver’s preference. Each Mode provides the on-ground weight for independently monitored axle groups, the total GVM and the payload weight and volume.

Predetermined load limits or warnings can be configured for each Axle Group. The value on the screen will turn red when an Axle Group exceeds its load limit.

Calibration is a simple two-stage process; the first stage is performed with an empty truck, the second performed when full.

Display Mounting Options

Depending on the Cab layout or driver preference, there are three mounting options available to locate the Display - Ram, Bezel and Panel Mounts

Features of the Weightmate:

  • Measurement of airbag pressure of up to 3 axle groups
  • Weight calculation of total GVM and Payload
  • Volume calculation of Payload - based on known bulk density (kg/m³)
  • Adjustment of weight limits for each axle group
  • Warnings for exceeding axle group weight limits
  • Calibration and configurable options
  • Three optional and switchable display modes
  • Independent axle group weights displayed

Benefits of the Weightmate:

  • Fully digital system immune from outside or stray interference
  • Eliminates the guess work in determining load weight
  • Display ground weight directly in tonnes with accuracy of ±2%
  • Quick and simple to install and calibrate
  • No cumbersome airlines are required in the cab
  • Robust and weatherproof (to IP67) - designed for tough mobile conditions
  • Customised units to suit your application also available

Download Weightmate Brochure

Download Weightmate User Manual


In-Cab Display Basic Screen


Various Screen Modes

Ram Mount

Bezel Mount          Panel Mount

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