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Fluid Power Engineering

Designing, producing and installing quality fluid power systems requires a high degree of expertise in fluid power engineering backed up with extensive and diverse hands-on application experiences.

Our team of fluid power systems engineers are amongst the most experienced in Australia, with demonstrated successes across a broad range of applications in agricultural, industrial, earthmoving, mining, marine and mobile industries.

Integrated Engineered Systems

With this high level of technical and professional expertise available within the company, and the combined support of our sales, manufacturing, controls and service teams, we have the proven capability to deliver fully engineered fluid power solutions from small stand-alone applications to major industrial turn-key projects.

Our proven expertise and capabilities include:-

  • Fully engineered system design, manufacture and installation
  • Integrated systems incorporating compact manifolds, FP products and electronics
  • Power unit design and manufacture
  • Re-engineered systems upgrades and refurbishments
  • Specialised equipment design and development
  • Engineering and specialist consultancy service

Power Unit Manufacture and Supply

Power Units are the heart of most fluid power systems, and so the quality of their design and manufacture plays an essential role in the performance of the system as a whole.

At Hyteco, we adopt the professional approach to every aspect of design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of power units of any size, shape, complexity and functionality for custom specific build or a standard power unit for general fluid power systems.

Through the integration of our extensive in-house engineering systems and resources, and the utilisation of new and innovative techniques, we are able to design, manufacture and supply highly advanced and unique power units that incorporate a range of customised, high-tech and functional features.

These include stainless steel construction componentry, integral structural members, sound and vibration reduction dampeners, environmentally sealed enclosures, telematics communication, real-time system monitoring, and much more.

Hyteco also designs and incorporates Variable Speed Drives (VSD) in specific Power Units where the output demand and duty cycles vary over time, and/or when reduced power consumption and increased efficiencies are prime requisites.

Whether it is a simple mini-unit or a large and complex multi-pump system with fully integrated PLC electronic controls, we have the recognised team expertise to deliver high quality power units for any fluid power system.

System Installations and Upgrades

Ultimately the success of any major project, engineered system or system upgrade is reflected by the quality of the overall installation, the final commissioning and the Customer sign-off and handover.

Our established reputation in successfully managing and completing large and smaller system installations and upgrades is fundamentally due to our high degree of expertise, along with the capacity to work efficiently and effectively in almost any onsite conditions and circumstances. This extends to the way we collaborate with engineering associates and sub-contractors, with a team approach to achieve top-quality workmanship and the best outcomes possible.

Whether the onsite project is a simple component refit, a system refurbishment or a full installation and commissioning of a turn-key hydraulic system, our fully-resourced service vehicles and mobile field facilities, including hose crimpers, pipe benders, specialised connector equipment, mobile power equipment and associated tooling, enable our Service Technicians and Fabricators to carry out all onsite work in a well-organised, cost effective and professional manner.

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