Special Application Manifolds

Quick Hitch Valves

The range of Hyteco Quick Hitch Valves cover most of the common requirements to control the hitch cylinders on Quick Hitch mechanisms, which in turn provide in-cab controlled release and attachment of buckets, hammers and borers, on the boom arms, etc.

Earthmoving Crane Valves

The range of Hyteco Earthmoving Crane Valves (HECV) also known as Hose Burst Valves, are easily installed Special Application manifold assemblies for excavators, backhoes or loaders that provides Hose Burst Protection when fitted to boom and dipper arm cylinders.

Models are available in various ported, size and mounting configurations allowing direct cylinder mounting or can be piped inline. We also offer onsite installation.

The importance of incorporating these types of valves can be referenced to:  AS1418.8 Cranes, hoists and winches – Special purpose appliances (also see ISO 8643)

Hoist Check valves

The Hyteco Hoist Check Valve is an air piloted normally closed poppet check valve specifically designed to hold the load of a tipper hoist cylinder in the event of a hose failure.

The Hoist Check Valve is directly mounted to the hoist cylinder port, being hard connected between the hoist cylinder and the normal hoist control valve, ensuring hose burst protection and load holding.

Quick Hitch Valves Earthmoving Crane Valves Tipper Hoist Check Valves
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Data Sheets
Data Sheets

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