Tanks and Accessories

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OMT Hydraulic Components and LuEn Valves are part of the OMT GROUP, which is a dynamic and modern enterprise, with over 50 years of experience in the hydraulics industry.

OMT’s complete product range is made in Italy, with their modern and qualified technical Department design and develop new products to support their customer’s request for special solutions.

Hyteco uses the OMT Group as a major supplier for tanks and hydraulic accessories when building power units, supplying power unit kits of components and in our engineered system builds.

OMT Hydraulic Components
Bellhousings and drive couplings
Cooler bellhousings
High size one-piece bellhousings
Pump supports
Visual level gauges
Fillers and air breather caps
Gauge isolators and pressure gauges
Oil tanks for hydraulic power units

LuEn Valves
Counterbalance valves
Relief valves
Check valves
Flow control valves
Solenoid valves and integrated blocks

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